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Vietnam visa application for applicants in Abu Dhabi

The complicated procedure, long processing time and high visa cost can not be what you wish for a visa for Vietnam. So, what is the best way for Vietnam visa application from Abu Dhabi?

Vietnam visa application in Los Angeles

If you think that Vietnam Embassy is the only place to apply for Vietnam visa, you are totally wrong. There is another way to submit Vietnam visa application from Los Angeles easier and simpler.

Vietnam visa application in Melbourne

Apply online and pick up the visa at the airport. That is method of operation of Vietnam visa on arrival, an alternative way to obtain Vietnam visa for those who enter Vietnam by air. So, what are the benefits of visa upon arrival?

Vietnam visa application in New York

For US citizens who come to Vietnam by land or sea, you are advised to obtain Vietnam visa at embassy of Vietnam in Washington by 3 steps below:

Complete Vietnam visa application form in Bangkok

If you would like to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival from Bangkok, there are 2 possibilities: you are national of Thailand or of other visa-exempt countries wishing to overstay your allowed period of stay in Vietnam, or you are a foreigner staying in Thailand.

How to fill out Vietnam visa application form from embassy

Preparing the paperwork for Vietnam visa application at the embassy can make you stressed easily? Take it easy and let’s read the following article to get Vietnam visa application form from embassy completed correctly from the first time.

A sample of Vietnam visa application form

This form is for the applicants who get visa approval letter through Vietnam Visa Easy, a travel agency authorized to provide Vietnam visa upon arrival for foreign passport holder entering Vietnam. The form includes 2 parts: personal information and visa information.

Notice for Vietnam visa on arrival application form

What about Vietnam visa application form on arrival? Is it also convenient and simple for the applicants to fill out? Indeed, filing out the form electronically only requires you to take notice of only a few points as following:

Vietnam visa application form New York

The easiest and quickest way to get a Vietnam visa is to apply onlinefor Vietnam visa on arrival. Accordingly, the first step you must follow is to fill out 2 categories in Vietnam visa application form New York.

Vietnam visa application form for New Zealand

Vietnam Immigration policy regulates that all New Zealand passport holders need to apply for Vietnam visa before entering the country. Accordingly, there are two types of Vietnam visa application form New Zealand

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