Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Netherlands

In order to visit Vietnam as a tourist, the Dutch citizens must apply for a Vietnam tourist visa that allows you to stay in the country for 30 days. If this is your first time traveling to Vietnam, here’s important information that you should know to obtain a Vietnam tourist visa from Netherlands.

Tourist visa for Vietnamshould be applied well about 2 week prior to date of arrival in one of 2 following ways:

1.  Apply online: available for air travelers only

Compare to visa process at the embassy, the online visa application process is quite simple and easy that is very beneficial to those who live far from the embassy or too busy to apply for the visa in person. 

In general, online Vietnam visa application process consists of 4 steps of which 3 steps are performed over the internet.

-    Complete the visa application form electronically

-    Make online payment using credit/debit card

-    Receive visa approval letter via email after 2 business days or less

-    Show the letter when boarding the plane and having visa stamp at arrival airport

Should you concerns about the Vietnam visa fee, please refer to this page

2.  Apply at Vietnam Embassy

If you prefer to apply for the visa without the assistant of travel agents, please prepare the following materials and submit them to Vietnam Embassy in Netherlands:

-    Original passport valid for at least 6 months and have 2 free pages left

-    01 application form attached with 01 passport photo

-    Vietnam visa fee (various among visa types)

The normal processing time for visa takes about 2 business days to complete. On emergency, you can request urgent Vietnam visa service to speed up the process. After collecting the visa, don’t forget to check it for error to make sure that all data is absolutely correct. If you find any errors, notify the embassy immediately for remedy.

Should you have any questions about tourist visa to Vietnam from Netherlands, please feel free to contact us at any hour of the day for help.