Instructions on getting Vietnam tourist visa at the embassy

Since Vietnam Government offered Vietnam visa on arrival program, not many foreigners like to get Vietnam tourist visa at the embassy. However, it is still necessary to those who travel to Vietnam by land or sea.  If you are planning to obtain Vietnam visa at the embassy, it’s worth reading carefully information below.

* Most commonly document required for visa application:

-   Original passport valid at least 6 months prior to date of travel

-   Visa application form attached with 01 passport photo

-   Prepaid return envelope

-   Vietnam visa fee in form of money order or cahsier’s check payable to “Vietnam Embassy’

For citizens of some countries in Middle East and Africa, you are required to submit individual bank statement for last 6 months and return air tickets. For detailed information about documentation, please contact the embassy at which you intend to apply. 

Processing time for tourist visa varies among embassies. Some embassies requires only 2 days and the others need longer processing time. If you wish to collect the visa soon, expedited process is available for extra cost.


-   Download the visa application form on website of Vietnam Embassy in your country of residence or take it directly at the office of embassy

-   You are responsible for accuracy of the visa. If you find any mistakes on the tourist visa to Vietnam, notify the embassy immediately for correction before arrival.

-   Vietnam visa validity is effective from intended date of travel you enter in application form, not from the issuance date of the visa. A Vietnamese tourist visa can be applied as early as 6 months before date of travel.